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WPT Prime Championship Outcome: Stephen Song Strikes a High Note in the Sparkling Finale

The WPT Prime Championship kicked off the most successful WPT series in Las Vegas history, and on Monday night, Stephen Song brought the tournament to a spectacular climax.

The $1,100 WPT Prime Championship was anticipated with great anticipation. Without even a $2 million guarantee, side events of the WPT World Championship series drew fields of hundreds of players.

With a seven-figure prize pool, it was no surprise that hundreds of players showed up for the Prime Championship. On December 19, Song cashed in for almost $700,00 after investing $1,100 and the prize pool reached over $5.2 million thanks to the participation of 5,430 players.

The WPT Prime Championship is where the singer finally finds his voice.
Lara Eisenberg was the leader to start the day. After winning the 2021 WSOP Ladies Championship, the American pro proved she belonged in the biggest tournaments. Her experience at the top level final tables shone through.

Early on, Eisenberg took control of the race, and it seemed that she would eventually win by a wide margin. As the competition narrowed, though, Song rediscovered his footing. Before Monday’s final table, the American had had more than $4 million in live profits under his belt.

After a dominating heads-up performance against Eisenberg, he pushed the pot over the $5 million mark. Song eventually made a straight to beat Eisenberg’s flopped two pair. That was the last straw, and Song took home $712,650 from the record-breaking WPT Prime Championship.

WPT Prime Championship Result

  1. Stephen Song – $712,650
  2. Lara Eisenberg – $481,500
  3. Young Eum – $354,000
  4. Alon Messica – $265,000
  5. Albert Nguyen – $200,000
  6. Giorgii Skhulukhiia – $153,000


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