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Poker tournaments have different stages and ways to win

Early stage: At this point, it’s best not to be too aggressive. In the beginning, you’ll play against a lot of new players, who will often bluff, call every bet, and act in strange ways. You should play tight if you want to beat them.

Medium stage: Your main goal at this stage is to add as many cards to your stack as possible. It’s better not to take unnecessary risks, like going into a draw without the raise. At this stage, you should play aggressively and tightly.

Bubble: At this point, everyone thinks they are going to win, so they try to play very safe. This gives people a chance to be aggressive by taking antes and stealing blinds.

In the last stage, you’ll play against the best players, who have probably been playing for years. The best advice is to stay calm and pay attention to the game, not the money you might win. When you play against experienced players, their strategies will change and adapt. This makes it hard to choose a single strategy that works perfectly at this stage.

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