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Poker starting hand charts

In Texas Holdem, there are 1326 potential beginning hands. Of course, every player wants to acquire the “premium” hand of aces and kings. However, there are only 12 such combos, which means you’ll only get them once every 110 hands, which means you’ll have to work around it by playing with lesser cards.

The hand you choose impacts how simple your choices will be in the postflop period. Special charts were designed to assist newcomers in learning the game.

Starting hand charts are specific tables or diagrams that illustrate which hands to play before the flip. These charts save novices avoid playing “unwanted” hands and losing a lot of postflop draws.

Starting hand charts include all potential starting hands. They are divided into two groups:

S – suited, which means all of the cards in the hand are of the same suit; O – off suited, which means the cards are of different suits.

Hands in white cells are usually not suggested to play on such charts. Hands in the colored cell, on the other hand, are “allowed” to be played. The benefit of charts is that they give instructions on how to play certain hands.

Popular charts include:

9-MAX is a high-stack chart that is appropriate for cash games with 9 players present as well as early stages of tournaments.

6-MAX – In cash games, 6 players is often the maximum number allowed by the table. This speeds up the game and necessitates its own beginning hand chart.

MTT Charts – While there is now a single chart for tournament games, there are other charts with suggestions.

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