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Kid Poker is back: Daniel Negreanu wins the $3,312,000 Super High Roller Bowl

Daniel Negreanu’s illustrious poker career includes six WSOP gold bracelets and two WPT championships, but there was one thing that eluded him throughout his whole career. On Friday evening in the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas, all of this changed.

Negreanu began the third and final day of the renowned $300,000 buy-in Super High Roller Bowl with the second-most chips among the five remaining players. “Kid Poker” has been in a similar situation before. Negreanu entered the final day of Super High Roller Bowl IV in May 2018 as the runner-up in chips, with six players left. He finally finished second behind Justin Bonomo for $3,000,000, missing out on one of poker’s most prestigious championships by a hair.

Negreanu also placed second in the 2011 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure $100,000 Super High Roller, the 2014 WSOP $1,000,000 Big One for One Drop, the 2017 WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic $100,000 Super High Roller, and the 2019 WSOP $100,000 High Roller.

Negreanu has never won a tournament with a six-figure buy-in prior to Friday night’s final table of the Super High Roller Bowl VII.

Negreanu told PokerGO’s Jeff Platt after the triumph, “I was heads-up in a Super High Roller Bowl a few years back.” “A large group of my friends visited me, and I punted because I wanted to go with them. This year, I advised individuals not to go. In fact, you should not visit. Let me win this, and I’ll open a bottle of champagne at home before attending tomorrow’s hockey game. Allow me to do my own thing.

Negreanu did his thing and went on to win the seventh annual Super High Roller Bowl and $3,312,000. Examine the final results:

1stDaniel Negreanu$3,312,000
2ndNick Petrangelo$2,016,000
3rdAndrew Lichtenberger$1,152,000
4thJustin Bonomo$720,000

Negreanu’s elimination of Bryn Kenney with runner-runner quads against Kenney’s top complete house was one of the most thrilling hands of Day 1, and he rode that wave all the way to the winner’s circle.

When losing more than $1,100,000 in the 2022 WSOP and further at the 2022 Poker Masters, including a horrific poor beat with pocket aces on the money bubble of the $50,000 buy-in championship, Negreanu was all smiles after this triumph placed him back in the black for the year.

Oh, we’re doing rather well, stated Negreanu on the PokerGO Podcast. “I’ll make the calculations and provide the report at the end of the year. I fared rather well at the start of the year. I believe I won a few events here [at the PokerGO Studio], and the World Series [of Poker] was clearly a catastrophe for me, as was the Poker Masters, but this three-point-three will do the work, a little more gravy.”

Negreanu completed the first day of the seventh Super High Roller Bowl as the chip leader. On Day 2, he struggled to reach the final table in second place in chips, behind only Nick Petrangelo. Negreanu and the other four players entered Day 3 on the money bubble. Fourth place would get $720,000, while fifth place would receive nothing.

Orpen Kisacikoglu ultimately busted on the bubble, falling to Andrew Lichtenberger’s hands. Justin Bonomo, a three-time Super High Roller Bowl champion and the guy who defeated Daniel Negreanu in this particular tournament in 2018, went broke. Bonomo also traveled down to Lichtenberger.

The play amongst Negreanu, Petrangelo, and Lichtenberger was very contested, with each player taking turns holding the chip lead. Negreanu eventually took the lead and eliminated Lichtenberger in third place to set up the decisive showdown with Petrangelo. Negreanu started play with a chip advantage of more than 4:1 against Petrangelo and moved swiftly.

Petrangelo did double through Negreanu, but it occurred after he had fallen to 10 large blinds and only took him back to where he began the heads-up match. Negreanu maintained pressure and began to pull away once again, reducing Petrangelo to about 10 large blinds. Negreanu shoved from the button with queen-seven of clubs in the last hand. Petrangelo initiateds play with king-five. Negreanu had the better hand after the flip and went on to win the whole pot.

“I’ll tell you what, heads up, I went through that terrible losing run, and I believe I’ve won five consecutive heads-up matches in tournaments when I’m there,” Negreanu stated on the PokerGO Podcast. “Clearly, it feels amazing. Mentally, the previous two years have been quite challenging, as I am aware that my game is at its highest level ever. Still, who cares? The public responds with “No, no, no, Daniel.” You must evaluate your outcomes. Your findings are inadequate. You are playing poorly. I am aware of how I am losing. I’ve performed this task for thirty years. I recognize when it’s me. I am aware of when it is my fault and when it is not. I played an almost perfect Super High Roller Bowl here, and fortunately, the structure is deep enough that it’s not simply a push fest. If you consistently play intricate constructions, I’ll be one of your favorites every time.”

During his sprint to the finish line, Negreanu used a signature tactic. He played low-stakes poker. Negreanu was often seen limping pre-flop with a broad variety of cards in an effort to see more flops when he was certain of doing harm. Negreanu did not lose control of the pots he was involved in after the flip. During Super High Roller Bowl VII, he was never all in for his tournament life, and it is difficult to lose when you are never all in and at danger.

Negreanu said, “I was trying out some new strategies at the Poker Masters, and I was really rather successful.” “I believe that today’s elite tournament players study limping about 10-15 big blinds, but none of them study this strategy over 100 big blinds deep. I’ve been doing this for three decades. I played during Doyle Brunson’s era, when suited connectors and pocket pairs were pushed up front, so I am familiar with the process. When you raise and three-bet, you are unable to see as many flips as I am able to. I am lethal in later rounds since I have a strong defense. It is difficult to acquire my chips. Due of my pot-controlling style, it is quite difficult for me to collect all of my chips. It is quite irritating. I believe that my style is irritating to play against. It is not as obnoxious as [Michael] Addamo, who is always seven-x bombing. Regarding myself, one would say, “Oh my gosh, he always has it.”

In the future, it will be interesting to watch whether Negreanu’s opponents discover strategies to counter his reborn style of play in the high-stakes, top tournaments that he often enters. Negreanu asserts that he is prepared for the event, and that preparedness resides in his adaptability.

Negreanu said, “The good news is that I am confident in my ability to adapt to anything I must do.” “Over the course of the previous several years, I’ve discovered that I must be myself. I am not obligated to play like anybody else. Having observed some of the other men, I have picked up some techniques. Many of the “don’t do this or that” lessons I’ve learnt are shown by Mikitia Badziakouski, who really amazes me. There are a few things he does, and I’m like, “Man, that’s everything my coaches told me not to do,” but it’s good. It’s effective in tournaments, so I learn from these players and include my own quirks and adjustments. I still have a knowledge of theory, but I will never be a slave to a computer simulation.

Not only did he get $3,312,000 in prize money and a Super High Roller Bowl championship ring, but he also received much more. Negreanu also earned 600 points on the PokerGO Tour (PGT) leaderboard with his triumph. This propelled him into the top 21 on the standings. Negreanu will be eligible for the season-ending PGT Championship if he finishes in the top 21. In that tournament, the top 21 point earners from the 2022 PGT season will fight for a winner-take-all $500,000 prize pool, with starting stacks determined by the amount of PGT points collected over the season. This victory elevates Negreanu beyond the qualifying line, but he will need to continue to perform well for the balance of the season if he wants to remain there.

Negreanu said that he was really sad not to be among the top 21 on the PGT ranking. “During the World Series of Poker, I thought it would give me a terrific chance — ‘I’m a shoe-in for the top 21!'” I really did. I’ll be there after the World Series [of Poker]. Then I’m like, “Pfft,” and I lose the Poker Masters as well, so this is a huge pot. It returns me to conflict. I have to leave town for a week, but when I return, I’m going to grind as many as I can to make sure I get in, since it’s such a beautiful concept and event. When Cary [Katz] introduced it, I responded, “I definitely want to be in it.”


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