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PokerStars VR Will Debut on the Meta Quest Pro VR Headset on October 25

The launching of PokerStars VR on the Meta Quest Pro platform has been scheduled for October 25, 2022. The latest version of the program will give Quest Pro gamers with a more immersive online gaming experience by including a vast array of new features and upgrades.

What Is Meta Quest Professional?

Yesterday, Oculus unveiled the Meta Quest Pro, their most recent piece of virtual reality technology. This headgear represents a great leap forward in VR technology and is filled with a vast array of new functions.

These headsets will have eye tracking and Natural Facial Expression technologies in addition to high-resolution sensors and dazzling new LCD panels. It will feature 37% more pixels per inch than the Meta Quest 2, which will enhance all graphics, as well as a more comfortable sleek design for gaming.

The release date for the new Meta Quest Pro is October 25.

PokerStars VR enhancements on the Quest Pro

To commemorate this momentous occasion, PokerStars VR has introduced numerous creative and exciting new improvements for Quest Pro users. The introduction of ‘passthrough windows’, which will enable players to transport actual objects and places into the virtual world of PokerStars VR, is one of the most exciting advancements.

In addition, eye-tracking and face-tracking software will be included. Consequently, player avatars will be able to respond as they would in real life. This introduces a whole new dimension to the ability to read online poker players.

In addition, the game will have sophisticated haptics with better controls. All of these enhancements will go a long way toward ensuring that PokerStars VR gamers on the Quest Pro have a more immersive experience, which is the ultimate aim.

“We’re extremely proud to be part of the launch of Meta’s Quest Pro, which is a transformation in virtual and mixed reality. Our goal with PokerStars VR is to push the potential of new technologies as far as we can to create a fun and authentic social casino game that really is limitless” – says James O’Reilly, Director of VR and Innovation at PokerStars.

PokerStars VR becomes stronger and stronger

PokerStars VR was first released as a free-to-play social casino game in 2018. Since 2014, the platform has allowed players to participate in poker cash games and tournaments while immersed in a digital environment via the use of virtual reality technology. Over time, the platform grew to include virtual reality roulette, blackjack, and slot machines.

In the game industry, virtual reality has expanded exponentially in recent years. The technology has advanced significantly, and more gamers than ever before are buying VR headsets to experience it.

However, the poker community has been sluggish to adapt. Players have reacted positively to PokerStars’ use of virtual reality technology, since it is the only brand now using such technology. Nearly 2,500 gamers have given PokerStars VR on Steam a 9/10 rating.

This new development is certain to propel PokerStars VR to even greater prominence in the online gambling industry. It’s a pretty exciting development, and we can’t wait to watch what the brand does next.


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