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Did Alejandro Lococo Pull Off Best WSOP Main Event Bluff Since Moneymaker?

PokerStars ambassador Alejandro Lococo, aka “Papo MC,” made one of the greatest bluffs you’ll ever see in the World Series of Poker Main Event Monday night.

Lococo, an Argentinian freestyle rapper with 2.8 million Instagram followers, is attempting to return to the Main Event final table after finishing in seventh place for $1,225,000 last year.

Lococo Makes Loco Play

Late during Monday’s Day 5 session, with around 128 players remaining at the time of publishing, he was sitting on the second largest stack, thanks in large part to a bluff so incredible that it might even make 2003 Chris Moneymaker jealous.

The hand, as recorded by PokerNews live reporter Adam Lamers, very well could go down as the hand of the tournament, year, decade, century…you get the point.

The PokerStars ambassador raised it up from the hijack and Karim Rebei defended from the big blind. The flop came and both players checked to the turn. This is where things got out of line.

Rebei bet out 140,000 and his opponent raised to 485,000 before the original bettor popped it to 1,135,000. Lococo announced a raise but put in the wrong amount, therefore was committed to a min-raise of 1,785,000. “Oops,” Rebei said to the rail as he shrugged his shoulders.

He still asked for a count and gave it some thought for a couple of minutes and even got the chips ready to call. However, Rebei opted to lay his hand down and Lococo flashed the for nothing but ace-high and a gut-shot straight draw. Rebei’s hand wasn’t exposed.

Had he been called and then bricked the river, Lococo would have been out of the tournament and sent home with a cash of $62,500. Instead, he’s not only still in the chase for the $10 million first place prize. He’s right up near the top of the leaderboard. Despite the large pot he potentially missed out on winning, Rebei also bagged one of the biggest stacks at the end of Day 5.

The Next Moneymaker?

The play was a bit reminiscent of what many still dub the “bluff of the century” when Moneymaker pushed Sammy Farha off top pair with king-high and a missed flush draw to win a massive pot during heads-up play at the 2003 WSOP Main Event. That hand is so memorable for many reasons, most notably because had Moneymaker lost that hand, he likely would have finished runner-up, and perhaps the future of the game would have been altered.

Lococo’s bluff may not have the same historical ramifications as Moneymaker’s, and this one wasn’t captured on national television. But it just might be the hand that we all remember the 2022 World Series of Poker Main Event by in 20 years, at least if Lococo reaches the final table.


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