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How to win in a game of poker: 10 advice for beginners

Some failures can discourage new players from playing poker any further. So some things are worth keeping in mind for those only starting their poker career.

Take your time to learn the basics.

Learning the poker terms, hands and rules are the foundations of a proper start.

Take your opponent’s cards into consideration.

Beginners often put too much faith in the cards in their hands, forgetting to calculate what cards their opponents might possibly have, which often leads to a loss.

Play with opponents with matching skills.

Losing against far more experienced players can discourage you, but playing with someone of similar abilities to your own will allow you to learn, more efficiently.

Don’t bluff too often.

Learn not to rely too much on bluffing – it’s not a guarantee of fooling an opponent.

Avoid long game sessions.

Poker takes a toll on your attention, and after long sessions you’re attention might be off, resulting in mistakes and losses.

Something else bothers you? Don’t play poker.

It can throw your attention off.

Don’t drink while playing.

Alcohol dulls your attention and provokes emotions – the opposite of what you want while playing poker. 

No multi-tabling.

Pros often play multiple tables at once. This isn’t an option for beginners – it’s better to concentrate all your thinking on one table at a time.

Set a strict sum.

Decide what sum of money you are ready to lose in a session, and do not ever exceed this amount.

Learn from pros.

Observe pros play and take a note.

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