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How to play poker

The game is meant to be played by a number of players ranging from two to ten. The cards are distributed to players by the dealer, face-down. After the distribution is complete, the betting rounds start. Two players (usually sitting left of the dealer) make forced bets (often called blinds). This is done to encourage more active and dynamic playing. When blinds are made, the first betting round begins. Betting rounds typically end when all players have made their calls (the acts of matching the bet) or discarded their hands. 

If more than one player remains with their cards after the first betting round ends, three face-up cards (this action is called the flop) are dealt. These cards are needed to make hand combinations and can be used by every player (these are called “community cards”). If more than one player still remains, an additional card is dealt, and this action is known as the turn. After the turn, another betting round begins. If necessary, the last community card, called the river, is dealt. After the river, another betting round occurs, and if two or more players are after the bank, the reveal takes place. The poker hands (or combinations) consist of five community cards and two personal face-down cards. When the last bet is called, all players with their cards in hand start to reveal them. 

There are two ways of winning a game of poker. To collect the strongest hand, or to make a bet no one will be able to match, thus forcing opponents to discard their hands.

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